Monday, January 15, 2007

PayPerPost - The Measurement

It may be a little early to measure the success of the payperpost experiment, but this is what I have so far:

10 links for $100.

Summary of average link value:

Average Number of Google Backlinks on blogs: 108.36
Average Number of Yahoo Backlinks on blogs: 774.7
Average SEOMOZ Ranking: 1.9
Average Google Pagerank: 1
Average Relevance: Poor (1.7/5)

Google Blog Search Links: 4
Technorati Links: 6

With a small sample of 10, this is slightly skewed. There was really only one blog that stood out. It had high relevance, pagerank, SEOMOZ ranking, and a lot of backlinks. If I took that one out of the above, the average would have been really poor.

Out of the 10 links I'd say one was really worthwhile, two were mediocre, and the rest were a waste of money.

The content written by the bloggers was better than I expected. I'd say the entries were 50% good, and 50% crap. Although I had the option of requesting only positive reviews, I decided to leave that up to the blogger. I expected neutral or good reviews, and would say that all the reviews were somewhat positive.

I did request relevance in the posting, and 2 of the 10 blogs had fairly high relevance. 4 of the postings had absolutely no relevance, and I have no idea how they passed the criteria.

Traffic generated from postings: Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

In summary, I'd say that payperpost does have some value. My recommendations for using them would be to stipulate:

1. No myspace blogs.
2. Pagerank of 2 or higher (be realistic... most of the bloggers have no pagerank)
3. Be specific about relevance (ie. I only want marketing blogs)

Tips on campaign setup:

1. Pay more for higher quality links rather than low for bad links.
2. Set a short run for the campaign. There shorter the campaign length, the more likly to get pushed through the approval process.
3. Do not request tracking. Tracking just takes the value of the link away. Nobody is going to get traffic from these postings that pays for the cost of the link.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pay Per Post Update:

After almost 3 days I emailed a complaint and my opportunity was approved.

On the plus side, it sounds like it's an advertisers market with thousands of bloggers and no advertisers.

We'll have to see what the quality of posts is like. I'm really hopeful that I'm not going to get a bunch of work at home soccer mom blogs. Actually, after reading the forums of the posties, I'm not expecting high quality professional blogs, which I'd be happy to pay a lot more money to have links on.

So, cheap advertising where you get what you pay for, is what I'm expecting.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Paid Links.

I've been looking into some paid link systems, signed up for a few and never did anything further.

One company, Pay per Post (don't want to give them a link because so far they don't deserve it), gave me some free credit to try out their system.

I set up an advertiser account, and posted an opportunity... and over a day later it' still pending. From what I understand reading their forums most of the bloggers or posties as they call them, aren't very happy... even though they seem to be more important to pay per post than the people spending the money.

I'll likely do a more thorough analysis of the success of pay per post at a later date.

Maybe they'll even earn a link.