Thursday, March 29, 2007

PayPerPost Update.

Yesterday, I thought I'd take a look in Google and see how the PayPerPost experiment has affected the rankings over the long term. Last month, all keywords had jumped up considerably. This month, they're back where they were... and..

All PayPerPost links have been removed from Google. There are none left.

There were 21 links indexed 4 weeks ago. Now there are none.

So, as an update, I thought that I should note that Google is detecting PayPerPost links and treating them as paid links.

I'm not too surprised. I sort of expected this to happen as soon as the whole "disclosure" thing started.

What happened? PayPerPost isn't the first paid link venture. There have been other ventures that have been successful and have been around for awhile. Why did Google suddenly decide it was important to start doing a better job detecting paid links? Perhaps it has something to do with the 'in your face' marketing campaigns of PayPerPost, not to mention overdoing it with guerilla marketing and creating controversy.

There was a recent comment by Matt Cutts about Google wanting to do a better job detecting paid reviews. It looks like that's happened. (Search "matt cutts payperpost" and you should find lots of stuff)

Did PayPerPost underestimate Google? Is PayPerPost doomed? Maybe not as long as they can keep it a secret that Google is devaluing page rank on Bloggers taking part in payperpost and treating links on those blogs as if they were 'no follow' links.

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